Gameplex Video Game Parties

GameTruck has always been the leader in video game birthdays, and now there are even more ways to experience epic gaming fun. We've launch a new events company that specializes in gaming events that can go virtually anywhere!

Gameplex, you don't need the truck - just a place for us to setup our portable gaming theater. With plug and play setup managed by our professional game coaches, Gameplex is the party solution that ventures where no truck has gone before including apartments, conference rooms, clubhouses, virtually anywhere people gather. Gameplex is the video game party that goes where you want, when you want, with the people you care about most.

  • Convenience - Game coaches take away the hassle and make it easy to play
  • Flexibility - Goes virtually anywhere
  • Involvement - Everyone plays.

What is included?

All of our Gameplex / @HOME events include:

  • Nintendo Switch systems: Handheld console with screen that are connected to each other. Available in boxes of 8 up to 24 Nintendo Switch systems.
  • Event customized for your party size, location, and specific needs
  • Age Appropriate video game library
  • Certified GameCoach
  • Choice of digital or downloaded party invitations included
  • Your event fully insured

Do you want the ultimate Fortnite party? Ready for the ultimate video game challenge? Call (866)253-3191 to learn more!

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