GameTruck @HOME - An In-Home Video Game Party Experience

GameTruck @HOME is an alternative to our flagship mobile video game theater. It's supercharged with the power to go anywhere, like your home, office, backyard, garage, clubhouse, moonbase, you name it! We deliver the equipment, sanitized, safe, and secure to your front door, handle all the setup, and help run the party too.

Are you looking for a video game party option that fits into any space? Want one of the best ways to play games like Fortnite? Looking for a trusted partner to deliver an at-home video game party that you plan?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, GameTruck @HOME is the right choice for your next party or event!

Clean & Easy

  • No hassle equipment delivery and setup
  • Sanitized for your safety
  • Your own private video game party
  • The hottest multiplayer console games
  • Virtually no clean up

GameTruck @HOME Party

Here are three reasons why GameTruck @HOME is awesome:

It’s clean.

We take cleanliness very seriously. Our gaming rigs are sanitized and sealed before each party ensuring a clean party option for you and your guests.

It's easy.

Our expert staff will deliver all the equipment straight to your front door at your selected time. They will help with setup and get everyone gaming. Alternatively, you may opt for a contactless delivery option, and rent the equipment from us for a set period of time. We will drop it off, and return to pick it up at a pre-arranged time.

It’s fun.

We bring the best games and consoles. This service features the latest and greatest consoles and games including Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Playstation 4.

GameTruck @HOME is a great solution when you don't want or can't use the giant mobile theater! It is also one of the best ways for your guests to experience intense multiplayer games like Fortnite. Our expert gamers and game coaches created a video game experience so awesome; you’ll feel like you’ve won the video game party lottery!

GameTruck @HOME Party

Here what you can expect with GameTruck @HOME :

The Latest and Hottest Consoles! We load this bundle with Nintendo Switch systems, Playstation 4’s, and/or XBOX 1’s. All delivered to your doorstep sanitized, germ-free, and ready to rock!

GAMES, GAMES, GAMES! We pack each box with the latest and greatest games! From Fortnite to Roblox, we include several games you want to play, and perhaps some you didn’t even know you wanted! Games can be included and accommodated upon request. We update our games regularly so some games are subject to change, check with your local owner for more details.

An Epic Party Experience. GameTruck is the industry leader in video game parties and we know how to deliver an epic party experience. We have packed this experience with all the tools you need to put on the best party possible.

With this video game party, your guests will be flying, running, jumping and having a blast playing their favorite games on their favorite consoles.

The bundles come with an assortment of games - call for details!

How Does GameTruck @HOME Work?

We understand that ease and cleanliness are particularly important to you and your guests. That is why we created an easy, safe, and fun in-home party experience.

Here is how it works:

  1. Book Online or Call. Get started by booking your event online. Select the date and time to schedule, then click Book Now. Or just give us a call!
  2. Arrival. Our team drives to your home and unloads the equipment at your designated party arrival time. The team will handle all the setup of the gaming equipment.
  3. The Party. Our GameCoaches know how to bring the fun. They will be there to be sure everyone is playing, help if anyone gets stuck, and offer advice on which games to play next. They can even organize some friendly competition for your guests if you'd like!
  4. Clean up. Our team will pack it all up and have the equipment out of your way in a flash.
  5. Sanitize and disinfect. After we leave, we sanitize, disinfect, and seal the equipment for the next party.

Once your equipment is delivered, the fun and excitement begins!

Your guests can play together in-person, in your own space, or online through gaming friend codes. Our expert GameCoach will be there if anyone has questions or needs help.

Our team makes everything simple. From the booking process to the party, our team is committed to delivering an amazing party experience!

So what are you waiting for? Book your next GameTruck @HOME party today!

* Note: Actual equipment and game titles will vary. Please check with your local operator .

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