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Excitement. Creativity. Execution. GameTruck is a different kind of promotional partner. Our services place us in the unique position to showcase new products or ideas with kids and adults alike in environments far beyond the retail store.

If you are looking for new ways to create new awareness, put a product in kids hands, or craft guided experiences, we'd love to talk. Our team works with your marketing and sales departments to craft campaigns that fit your needs with flexibility, national reach, and a dedicated team that knows how to execute your goals.

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Work with GameTruck to build brand exposure

GameTruck and Gameplex events are a unique way to reach your customers where they are, and can showcase your brand directly with hard-to-reach customers.

Product Launches

Use GameTruck or Gameplex events as a launch point for your new product. We can offer prominent placement, guided demos, and key data on interactions.

Awareness Campaigns

With a national fleet and over 1 million kids entertained each year, our reach is unmatched! For game placement to full fleet trailer wraps, we can create an awareness campaign that is right for you.

Hands-on Guided Demos

GameTruck and Gameplex demos are the perfect intersection of guided demos and customer-driven product exploration. Put your game, product, or idea in the hands of your customers and let them experience it in a casual, natural environment.

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