Mobile LaserTag Parties

Let GameTruck transform your backyard, front yard, or park into a modern laser tag arena. Intelligent next generation laser tag equipment lets your birthday party guests live the video game. With a wide variety of games to play, tactical laser tag is an active adventure! Your Game Coach will referee the event, maximizing the birthday party fun.

Our taggers are so accurate you can tag an opponent up to 300 feet away!

Whether your guests divide into squads or play free for all games, GameTruck creates a memorable laser tag birthday party they will be talking about for weeks!

Outdoor Gaming

  • Active outdoor adventure
  • Convert your yard or park into a laser tag arena
  • Team based play
  • Paintball-like fun without the pain!
  • Game Coach to referee your birthday party
  • Team based mission adventures
  • Super accurate laser tag equipment
GameTruck LaserTag Party LaserTag Mobile Gaming GameTruck Mobile LaserTag LaserTag GameTruck Birthday Party

The Equipment

Tactical laser tag powered by GameTruck features state of the art high quality laser tag equipment. Taggers are durable; yet light enough for both kids and adults to play. Featuring 30mm red dot scopes for accurate targeting. Quality optics mean if you can see them, you can tag them up to 300 feet away!


  • Convert virtually any space (indoors or out) into a thrilling combat arena
  • Range of shapes and sizes for a variety of strategic cover
  • Adds depth to all game types


  • Heavy duty, light weight, durable units
  • Precision optics for outdoor, indoor performance
  • Functional day or night
  • Intelligent, versatile electronics support a wide range of game types


  • No clunky vests!
  • Sensors are comfortable and light weight
  • Optical and audio feedback
* Note: Actual equipment may vary. Please check with your local operator .

The Games

Tactical Laser tag parties powered by GameTruck bring a wide array of game types to life. The games are meant to be quick and easy to play, keeping the entire experience fresh and exciting. Here are a few samples of the game types available:

Last Team Standing

  • Players are Split in to Teams
  • OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the Opposition


  • Each Team Selects a VIP
  • VIP has Increased Health and Damage
  • Uses Both Offensive and Defensive Tactics
  • OBJECTIVE: Eliminate Opponents VIP


  • Players Become Infected Upon Elimination
  • OBJECTIVE: Be the Last Non-Infected Standing
* Note: Actual games available may vary. Please check with your local operator .

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