GelTag Delivers Thrilling Excitement

You can feel it in the air. Something different, yet familiar. You look around and see your best friends gearing up their blasters. The weather is perfect for a “Fortnite Style” mission.

It’s time to round up your squad and start devising a plot for victory. You’re all loaded up and see the obstacles laid out almost like a Fortnite map calling your name. This is going to be fun. Jumping over barriers, running around and splatting your friends with GelTags, successfully completing your mission and leading your team to victory!

A quick call to GameTruck North Indy transforms your local park, backyard, school gym, playground or cafeteria into a bonafide GelTag battlefield! From Indianapolis to Carmel, we set up all over North Indy bringing the joy of GelTag to thousands of kids each year. We blend each rock, bench, table, chair and tree into the obstacle course we bring leading to a real life Fortnite type experience for everyone! We cater to your desired customizations and help you build the missions your VIP wants to lead. Each time you play GelTag with us, your experience will be fun, new and exciting!

Why Does GelTag Rock?

It all starts with your local GameTruck franchise owner. Adrian does a great job preparing his team of experienced GameCoaches for your party’s next adventure. He handles everything from free party invites, to confirmation emails to providing the party goers with the most up-to-date equipment you can rest easy knowing that your GelTag event will be something your guests will remember for years to come.

The only question you need to ask yourself is “why haven’t I called GameTruck about booking my next GelTag party yet?”

We’ll speak with you soon!

The Equipment

GelTag features state of the art high quality GelTag equipment. Blasters are durable; yet light enough for both kids and adults to play. Featuring up to 750 pellets in the blaster hopper. With that many GelTags, everyone will have fun for hours blasting and splatting the day away!

The Gear

  • The Blasters are heavy duty, light weight, durable blaster units
  • Easy to use, just pull the trigger and blast away
  • Safety face masks and glasses are provided

The Ammo

  • No paint, no mess!
  • Very lightweight and low velocity - very little pain when hit
  • 750 shots per load

The Field

  • Convert virtually any outdoor space into a thrilling GelTag combat arena
  • We offer a range of obstacles in different shapes and sizes for a variety of strategic cover
  • This option adds depth to all game types
* Note: Actual equipment may vary. Please check with your local operator .

The Games

Our GelTag parties bring tactical and free-for-all games to life. The games are designed for quick and easy play, keeping the entire experience fun, fresh and exciting. Here are a few examples of the game types you might experience:

Last Team Standing - Like Fortnite!

  • Players are split in to Teams
  • Players work together to eliminate the other teams
  • OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the Opposition

Protect The Splat King

  • Each Team Selects a Splat King
  • The Splat King is led across the field to the other side without being hit
  • Uses Both Offensive and Defensive Tactics
  • OBJECTIVE: Eliminate Opponents Splat King

Capture the Flag

  • Each GelTag team sets up on their respective side.
  • If you are hit in transfer, the flag is returned to the center by the ref and you are out.
  • Game continues until one team wins.
  • OBJECTIVE: Get to the flag in the center and get it to your team’s starting point – without being hit
* Note: Actual games available may vary. Please check with your local operator .

GelTag is an awesome event for all ages! We book GelTag games for team building, bachelor parties, schools, and so much more!

GameTruck brings the equipment to your location no matter the size or genre of the event. Here’s the best part: because GelTags make no mess, you can have your event anywhere you’d like. The possibilities are endless!

GameTruck powered Gelly Ball

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