Fun Group Event Ideas in North Indy

GameTruck can help you provide an exciting experience because we understand the power of social bonds. Entertaining a small intimate group of family and friends, who already know each other, is very different from entertaining larger groups of co-workers and classmates. The need for purposeful interaction changes yet again when the audience size increases where community may be all people have in common. Purpose plays a powerful role in creating the excitement that comes from shared experiences.

At GameTruck North Indy, Adrian Balboa is fully engaged in providing exciting experiences. He is focused on making your event as easy as possible. Discover how Adrian can make your next event unforgettable.

Group Events

GameTruck is able to host a variety of corporate and large scale events. We'd like to help plan yours.

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Team Size (12 to 20 Guests)

Ideal activities for small teams or groups.

End of Season Events

End of Season

GameTruck North Indy can help your team celebrate a successful season with Video Games or GelTag. GameTruck mobile video game theaters pull right up to your house, field, or park. Your team can play the latest video games together in climate-controlled comfort.

Corporate Team Building Events

Team Building

Want to bring your staff together to create new shared experiences that value diversity, and honor differences, and promote teamwork? A GameTruck video game party can help you achieve all three goals. Positive psychology is discovering the power of playing together.

Classroom Size (16 to 60 Guests)

Have a classroom full of kids yearning for some fun? Or an office staff that needs an entertaining outlet? We’re your go-to experts for the fun and excitement that you’ve been searching for.

Holiday Parties & Events

Holiday Party

Spend more time conversing and interacting with your friends this Holiday Season. Gametruck provides the entertainment that keeps the kids busy while the adults enjoy each others company.

Let our friendly staff engage your guests so everyone has a great time.

Family Reunion Events

Family Reunions

Let GameTruck help you create a little intergenerational fun. Bonding with cousins, aunts and uncles is always more satisfying when it's fun.

Whether you are playing Video Games or GelTag, GameTruck is there to deliver the excitement which will make your event memorable.

Graduation Events

Graduation Party

When it's time to celebrate the achievement of a lifetime, don't forget the fun! GameTruck can provide a welcome distraction for the younger brothers and sisters, neices and nephews, cousins and family friends.

With Video Games or GelTag there is something fun for everyone, ask Adrian Balboa how GameTruck North Indy can make your Graduation Party fun for everyone.

Grade Size (20 to 200 Guests)

Ideal for larger groups, GameTruck North Indy's grade size party packages can help strengthen bonds!

Fundraising Events


GameTruck has been a proven reward to motivate both girls and boys to sell more. Bringing a GameTruck to your school to celebrate their success not only helps close the funding gap but also engages kids in the benefits of playing together.

Company Picnic Events

Company Picnics

Holiday parties, Summer Picnics, Families that love to have fun together enjoy a technology enabled excitement with GameTruck. Our friendly staff can help you and your group enjoy a wide range of video games that you select just for your audience.

School Size (100 to a Bazillion Guests)

When crowds get really big, you can count on GameTruck to rise to the challenge! Whether the focal point of your event or just a part of a larger production, GameTruck will provide fun for everyone!

Festivals and School Carnival Events

Festivals, School
Carnivals & Lock-ins
and More!

Schools and Churches have been enjoying having GameTruck provide entertainement for the last one years! With Video Games and GelTag, GameTruck can deliver the excitement to your event that will keep your group engaged. GameTruck North Indy staff are experts at managing quick turns so as many people as possible get a turn to play.

Keep them safe and keep them entertained with GameTruck! GameTruck North Indy has been captivating guests since 2023. Our trained staff will keep the line moving, and make it easy for you to deliver the kind of excitement your guests expect.

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