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General FAQs

Do you provide invitations?

When you book a party, you receive two emails. The first is your event confirmation email. The second is your PartyLink email which contains the link to your page. Click the large button to be taken to PartyLink and begin managing your upcoming event. Downloadable PDF invites are also available for download on the GameTruck website. Visit https://www.gametruckparty.com/invites and choose the best style for your event. You may also find a link to the downloadable invites in your confirmation email.

Do you have party favors?

Our Rock Star Plus package comes with 20 Silicone Wrist Bands, 1 VIP Lanyard, and 1 Reflective Backpack for an additional charge.

Do you provide cake, food, or drinks?

We do not provide any food or drink, and would ask all guests to bring no food onto the truck. Drinks are allowed if they have a cap, like a bottled water.

What if we have more guests?

We can set up groups and time limits to rotate additional guests.

Video Game FAQs

How many kids can fit in the GameTruck?

We have a safety limit of 10 guests. Masks are mandatory for all participants at all time while on the GameTruck trailer.

Is there an age limit?

We take care of players of all ages, however if any players are 5 years old or younger and adult will have to stay on the GameTruck as well.

How much space do you need?

About 40 feet of space for maneuvering in and out.

Can you come to parks?

Yes, but you should check with the park first.

What consoles do you have? Do we choose games ahead of time?

We have 3 Xbox 360, 1 Xbox 1, 4 PS4, 4 Nintendo Switch, and 2 Nintendo Wii-U. We bring out entire game library, and your GameCoach will meet with you before the party to see if you have any restrictions. Any content you don't want is taken off the display wall.

Do the trailers have air conditioning and heaters?

We work in all weather conditions, with a fully heated and air conditioned gaming theater.

Do you allow food and drinks inside the GameTruck?

We would ask all guests to bring no food onto the truck. Drinks are allowed if they have a cap, like a bottled water.

Do parents need to supervise?

No, except if any of the players is 5 or younger. Then one adult will have to stay on the GameTruck. However any parents that want to supervise or play they absolutely can.

Do you need to plug into an outlet?

No, we bring our own power with us.

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