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ZTAG Birthday Parties

Get ready to throw the ultimate party for your little ones with ZTAG! Designed specifically for children aged 4 to 7, our action-packed ZTAG parties guarantee an hour of non-stop fun and excitement. With enough room for up to 20 kids at a time, this interactive game is perfect for birthday celebrations.

The games are not only active and safe but also incredibly simple, ensuring that every child can join in on the fun. From thrilling tag games to exciting team challenges, ZTAG will keep your young guests engaged and entertained throughout the entire party. Give your kids an unforgettable experience with ZTAG!

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What age group is the ZTAG Party designed for?

ZTAG Party is for children ages four through seven, and offers games and activities that are perfect for this age group's abilities and interests.

How many children can participate in a single ZTAG Party session?

Our ZTAG parties can accommodate up to 20 kids at a time, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the interactive games and challenges.

Are the games in the ZTAG Party complex? How easy is it for kids to join in?

The games in the ZTAG Party are designed to be active, safe, and incredibly simple. This ensures that every child, regardless of experience or familiarity with games, can easily join in on the fun and enjoy the party to the fullest.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

GameTrucks show up rain or shine! Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be transferred to another date if available, but transfers must be made no less than 15 days prior to event date. Events that are canceled within 48 hours from the scheduled event, or where no one is present upon arrival at the address provided by the client, will be charged the full amount. *LaserTag events will be rescheduled, at no cost, in the event of rain, snow or temperatures below 32 degrees.*

Do you provide invitations?

Yes, GameTruck email invitations are provided for you as well as the ability to print PDF invitations. These invitations are GameTruck and/or LaserTag themed to represent the event you are hosting. PDF invitations are provided to you via a link in the confirmation email you will receive after reserving your event. A second email will provide you access to the Party Link email invitations. They also are GameTruck and/or LaserTag themed. You are able to send these to all of your guests.

Do you provide cake, food, or drinks?

Sorry, we do not provide cake, food or drinks. We do ask that there are no food and drinks inside of the GameTruck. If you are providing refreshments during the event the participants are free to come and go when they need a drink or a snack.

What is required to reserve my party?

In order to secure your event simply click Book Now (or "complete your booking"), then follow the simple steps. A 50% deposit via credit card is required. The remaining balance will due upon our arrival at your event.

Can GameTruck provide party favors?

Not at this time, special requests can be made.

What is Gameplex? How is it different than our GameTruck?

This experience is brought INSIDE your home, office, school or any inside location. There is no big truck and trailer to worry about parking. If you are looking for the online gaming experience such as Fortnite. This is the experience you want. We manage the gameplay for you. We bring all of the consoles and games. Everyone gets their own Nintendo Switch Console.

Does GameTruck offer internet based games?

The GameTruck is designed to be a social environment where invited guests come to play games with one another. Online and single player games exclude guests from playing with those invited to the party. This is because they are playing with random people on the internet that are not at the party. In addition it limits/reduces how many players can play at one time. As a result we have decided not to offer internet based games. If you are interested in getting groups playing games like Fortnite and some other online games we have another activity called GAMEPLEX! This can be customized significantly. Ask us about how we can provide these internet based games for your party!

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