ZTAG Birthday Parties

Get ready to throw the ultimate party for your little ones with ZTAG! Designed specifically for ages 4 and up, our action-packed ZTAG parties guarantee an hour of non-stop fun and excitement. With enough room for up to 20 kids at a time, this interactive game is perfect for birthday celebrations.

The games are not only active and safe but also incredibly simple, ensuring that every child can join in on the fun. From thrilling tag games to exciting team challenges, ZTAG will keep your young guests engaged and entertained throughout the entire party. Give your kids an unforgettable experience with ZTAG!

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What age group is the ZTAG Party designed for?

ZTAG Party is for children ages four through seven, and offers games and activities that are perfect for this age group's abilities and interests.

How many children can participate in a single ZTAG Party session?

Our ZTAG parties can accommodate up to 20 kids at a time, ensuring that everyone can participate and enjoy the interactive games and challenges.

Are the games in the ZTAG Party complex? How easy is it for kids to join in?

The games in the ZTAG Party are designed to be active, safe, and incredibly simple. This ensures that every child, regardless of experience or familiarity with games, can easily join in on the fun and enjoy the party to the fullest.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Hosts have up to 10 days prior to the scheduled event to cancel and have the deposit refunded minus a $50 cancellation fee. The deposit is non-refundable once the event is within the 10 day window. If you cancel an event due to COVID issues, the deposit will be credited toward a future event.

Do you provide invitations?

Digital invitations can be found in the event confirmation e-mail. There is also an option for printable invitations.

Do you have party favors?

No, we do not provide or sell party favors

Do you provide cake, food, or drinks?

GameTruck Charlotte delivers the exciting entertainment for your event, but we do not provide any cake, food, or drinks; and none is allowed on the truck.

What if we have more guests?

The standard party package is for a maximum of 12 participants allowed for the event. There will be NO rotating guests in and out of the truck with the standard package. If you have more than 12, and rotations are needed, an additional GameCoach will need to be added to the reservation for an additional $65.00

Do you accept last minute bookings?

We appreciate you considering GameTruck and will make every effort to accommodate your request. For events made less than 7 days prior to event, there is a $25 booking fee.

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