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General FAQs

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Because people often book parties well in advance, customer recognizes that times reserved are in short supply. Therefore should Customer request a cancellation within 7 days of the event, or Customer is a no show for the event, the full remaining balance of the invoice will be due.

Do you provide invitations?

Yes! With your scheduled event you are given access to PartyLink which is your own unique online event management website. You can send GameTruck e-vites to your guests through your PartyLink site. We also provide a link to downloadable PDF invitations for your convenience.

Do you have party favors?

Not at this time.

Do you provide cake, food, or drinks?

We do not provide any food or beverages and they are not allowed on the GameTruck but suggest make available for the kids to jump out of the truck for occasional refreshments.

Video Game FAQs

How many kids can fit in the GameTruck?

There is a limit of 16 kids in the GameTruck at a time. However if they are older and Larger, that might cut down the number who can easily sit in the truck.

Is there an age limit?

Our12+ years in business has taught us GameTruck is appropriate for ages 6 and older.

How much space do you need?

50 - 55 ft. If there are unusual parking restrictions, please let us know so we can try to accomodate. Our policy is to always park in the street; as a safety precaution, we cannot park in driveways. The street in front of the house has to be fairly flat and level. For safety reasons we can tolerate a maximum of about 3-4 degrees of slope.

Can you come to parks?

Yes we do come to parks. If we locate the GameTruck on park property, they MAY require that you reserve the space and in some cases charge for the booking. Most times when at parks, we just park alongside the park on public streets so there are no reservation requirements. Just make sure there is adequate parking space on the street.

What consoles do you have? Do we choose games ahead of time?

On each GameTruck there are multiple Nintendo Switches, an XBox One, Playstation 4s and Playstation 5. With over 50 games from which to choose, we make it as easy as possible to customize your party to meet your age requirements. Once your Game Coach has setup, he will invite you into the truck FIRST so that he can review the available games and YOU can decide what should be available for the kids. Then the kids come in and can easily see all of the games that have been "MOM" approved.

Do the trailers have air conditioning and heaters?

All of GameTruck Sacramento's trucks are climate controlled to assure a comfortable party environment.

Do you allow food and drinks inside the GameTruck?

No food or drinks (with the exception of bottle water with a screw on lid) are allowed on the GameTruck.

Do parents need to supervise?

GameTruck makes the party easy on the parents. Once we review the games available and the kids come on board, you get to go back to the house and relax. The only thing we recommend you do is come back frequently to take pictures of all the excitement.

Do you need to plug into an outlet?

The GameTruck is fully self contained so no external power is required. We also carry back generators so that you can be assured a successful party in spite of any unforeseen power problems.

Gameplex FAQs

Is there an age limit?

Our 9+ years in business has taught us GameTruck is appropriate for ages 6 and older.

Where can you setup? How much space do you need?

Gameplex is frequently located inside the garage. Just back out the cars and we easily fit in a 2 car garage. We also have 2 10 X 10 popup tents to add to your location.

What consoles do you have? Do we choose games ahead of time?

GameTruck Sacramento bundles Gameplex PS4 and Gameplex Switch together at all events for the same price. Gameplex PS4 has 4 Playstation 4's Gameplex Switch has 10 Nintendo Switche We have a library of most of the latest games to keep the kids busy.

Do parents need to supervise?

The Game Coach will setup Gameplex and run the party. The coach will review the games with you first to make sure only "mom approved" games are available.

Do you need to plug into a power outlet?

Yes, just a couple of 120volt plugs should do it.

Do you need to use my TV?

We bring 4 - 55" LED TV's on stands but also in many cases can utilize your TV if it is readily available.

How many kids can play at once?

This varies considerably based on the game that is chosen. Each of the PS4's can handle up to 4 players at a time. And the Nintendo Switch also handles multiple players from 1 to 8. I party usually can handle as many as about 16 kids. But it is important to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

LaserTag FAQs

How many kids can play LaserTag?

We typically run 12 kids at a time (2 six man teams). We rotate every 15 minutes after running 2 - 5 minute missons. Then we can rotate to the next group.

Is there an age limit?

We have found that players 8 years or older have the best experience, they can follow directions, work in teams, and think strategically and they are strong enough to hold the taggers without getting tired.

How much space do you need?

We can make many spaces work, but the ideal space is about the size of a single tennis court. At the minimum, half a basketball court is required. If you have that much space (and even a small backyard is usually bigger than a tennis court) we can make a fun laser tag arena with our barriers.

Can you come to parks?

Absolutely. We prefer to setup on grass, and we need enough space (about a tennis court in size) for the kids to play and have fun. For large city or regional parks where you want us to be, you should contact the city's parks department and clear everything with them first.

Do parents need to supervise?

Parents are always welcome to watch or even join in,, but our GameCoach will supervise the event the entire time.

Do you need to plug into an outlet?

When at home, we can easily plug our extension cord into your wall outlet. If at a park or other location without power, we have power inverters or generators to provide the necessary power.


How many kids can play ZTAG?

Up to 20 at a time in rotations.

Is there an age limit?

5 and up

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