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General FAQs

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

GameTrucks show up rain or shine! Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be transferred to another date if available, but transfers must be made no less than 15 days prior to event date. Events that are canceled within 48 hours from the scheduled event, or where no one is present upon arrival at the address provided by the client, will be charged the full amount. *LaserTag events will be rescheduled, at no cost, in the event of rain, snow or temperatures below 32 degrees.*

Do you provide invitations?

Yes, GameTruck email invitations are provided for you as well as the ability to print PDF invitations. These invitations are GameTruck and/or LaserTag themed to represent the event you are hosting. PDF invitations are provided to you via a link in the confirmation email you will receive after reserving your event. A second email will provide you access to the Party Link email invitations. They also are GameTruck and/or LaserTag themed. You are able to send these to all of your guests.

Do you have party favors?

At this time, we only offer online invitations for the party.

Video Game FAQs

How many kids can fit in the GameTruck?

Up to 16 guests are allowed inside the GameTruck gaming theater. If your group is larger just let us know and we would help make a plan to rotate all the guests in and out.

Is there an age limit?

Any players under the age of 6 we ask that an adult or older sibling attend as well.

How much space do you need?

The GameTruck is 65 feet long and about 9 feet wide. An easy visual is about 4 cars parked in a straight line along the curb. If we were to park in a parking lot the GameTruck will take up about 8 to 10 parking spaces. *We are unable to park on grass or any soft surfaces. We do require 12 feet of clearance for both Height and Width. Pulling through structures such as pillars and gates that do not offer 12 feet of clearance between them is highly unlikely. We also should take into consideration hills when looking at parking options. Parking areas should be relatively flat.

Can you come to parks?

We can! As long as space allows we will be there. We just ask that we have enough space blocked off for the truck/trailer before we arrive. We arrive 15-20 minutes before party time, if our GameCoach has to find parking this could result in the party starting late and eating into much-valued gaming time. If you need assistance locating a park or parking questions please contact jared.thomas@gametruck.com

What consoles do you have? Do we choose games ahead of time?

Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. We want to ensure your party is one to remember please contact us for any special requests or additional questions.

Do the trailers have air conditioning and heaters?

Yes! We do our best to keep the trailers cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Do you allow food and drinks inside the GameTruck?

We allow beverages that have a cap/lid on the GameTruck. Due to allergies, keeping the equipment and trailer clean we do ask that all food is outside the trailer. We have seen some wonderful ideas for snack area's during parties, please contact us and we can assist in planning.

Do parents need to supervise?

No it is not necessary unless any of the attendees are under the age 6. We highly recommend enjoying the nice quiet peaceful house while the kids have a blast. We more than welcome you to come in, take pictures and see the excitement. However, if parents want to play we welcome players of all ages!. :) Our GameCoaches are all trained to oversee the players and assist in all their gaming needs.

Do you need to plug into an outlet?

No, we run on generators.

LaserTag FAQs

How many kids can play LaserTag?

We do 10 players at a time. 5 vs 5 game style. Many of our events are 15-20 players. We rotate through the players to ensure equal gametime. We have different gamemodes and all attendees will have a blast. We do many large function events too. If you have more than 20 players contact us for details and we will assist in helping plan your party.

Is there an age limit?

We recommend 8+ to get the full experience out of our equipment. If you have younger kids please contact Jared and he can assist in your party planning needs.

How much space do you need?

We can set up in your front yard, back yard or even your cul-de-sac. We do need about a basketball court size area to be able to play 5 vs 5. We have set up in smaller sized areas and we would just reduce the amount of players at a time. If you have natural obstacles such as trees, hay bales, etc we would love to use them in our "arena." Each lasertag set up is unique and just for your event.

Can you come to parks?

Yes, you would just need to pre-approve it if it's a state or city park. Neighborhood parks don't typically require a rental agreement. Please contact us for any setup questions.

Do parents need to supervise?

Our Gamecoaches run the event. Depending on the amount of kids a parent may need to be onsite if it's at a local school or park outside the home location.

Do you need to plug into an outlet?


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