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General FAQs

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

In order to secure your event, a 50% deposit via credit card is required. The remaining balance is due upon our arrival at event. We show up rain or shine! Deposits are non-refundable. Deposits can be transferred to another date if available, but transfers must be made no later than 15 days prior to event date. Events that are canceled within 48 hours from the scheduled event, or where no one is present upon arrival at the address provided by the client, will be charged the full amount.

Do you provide invitations?

Yes! With your scheduled event you are given access to PartyLink which is your own unique online event management website. You can send GameTruck e-vites to your guests through your PartyLink site. You can also download printable invites from our website. Look for the 'Invites' link at the very bottom of the page. (If you prefer mailable invitations, those can be mailed to you as well.)

Do you provide cake, food, or drinks?

We do not provide any food or drinks and no food or drinks are allowed on the GameTruck (They don't play well with electronics!)

What if we have more guests?

We do not charge by the head, so if you have a few extra kids that's okay. However to insure safety, manageability of the event, and comfort of the participants, we suggest up to 16 inside the trailer as an optimal number. If you have larger guest counts than expected, they may be required to be organized into smaller groups with scheduled play times. Groups of 30 or more will require an additional GameCoach to manage the event and will be charged Large Format pricing.

Are there COVID-19 restrictions?

At this time there are no COVID restrictions, however that can change depending on public safety guidelines.

Are facemasks required on the truck?

Not at this time.

Parking Policy

It is our policy to park in the street in front of the house, with the entrance door facing the driveway. Exceptions will ONLY be made in cases where street parking is a safety issue and will be determined by the GameCoach onsite.

Can we add additional time?

We can do parties longer than 90 minutes, however the maximum time for birthday parties is three hours. (Events longer than three hours become large format, which we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote.) Currently it is $150 / hour (or $75 for an extra 30 minutes). Time may be added based on schedule availability. (Extra time may not be added during online booking, you must speak to a representative to extend a party.)

Video Game FAQs

How many kids can fit in the GameTruck?

Up to 16 people can play at one time inside the game theater. (We can comfortably fit about 12 adults at one time.)

Is there an age limit?

Our 10+ years in business has taught us GameTruck is appropriate for ages 7 and older. *Children younger than 7 need to be accompanied by a parent to be in the GameTruck*. We will consider doing parties for younger ages if the customer agrees to limit the number of participants to 12 kids or less.

How much space do you need?

The truck/trailer is approximately 50' long. We ask our customers to reserve as much space as possible to give us plenty of room if we have to parallel park. Our policy is to always park in the street. As a safety precaution, we cannot park in most driveways.

Can you come to parks?

Absolutely, we do many events at parks. You should contact the city's parks department and clear everything with them first. Often times they will require you to reserve a pavilion and will want to be named on our insurance certificate. We provide the insurance certificate at no additional cost, but need to be notified at least two weeks in advance. You will also want to make sure to arrive at the park early to secure a large enough spot for the truck to park. This is often our biggest delay getting setup.

What consoles do you have? Do we choose games ahead of time?

GameTruck features the best top games for Nintendo Switch, XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4, XBOX 360, Wii U and the Wii. We will bring our entire game library and have games suitable for all ages. The customer has control of the games made available for the kids. Your GameCoach will give you the opportunity to review/restrict game selection before the kids enter the trailer. If you have a game from home that you would like to bring into the GameTruck, please be sure it is a multi-player game and let your GameCoach know at the event so he can make sure it doesn't get left behind.

Do the trailers have air conditioning and heaters?

Absolutely! Our GameTruck has three 13.5k BTU RV air conditioning units.

Do you allow food and drinks inside the GameTruck?

We ask that all food and drinks remain outside of the GameTruck. Pizza grease and game controllers don’t mix!

Do parents need to supervise?

Parents are more than welcome (and encouraged) to be inside the GameTruck during the event but not required. We do however require that one responsible adult remains at the event for its duration. Each GameTruck event is hosted by a professionally trained and background screened GameCoach who will ensure the success of each event. GameCoaches always do their best to involve everyone, regardless of their skill level. *Children younger than 7 need to be accompanied by a parent to be in the GameTruck*.

Do you need to plug into an outlet?

We are self-powered with quiet running commercial generators. We do not need to plug into your home.

How does Fortnite and Apex Legends work on the truck?

We have added multiple PS4 consoles along with additional hardware dedicated to providing these online game on our GameTruck. This experience is only available to residential birthday parties and requires access to YOUR home internet. We can have up to four players on one TV screen playing these online game, while the other three TV's continue to play local games. The success of delivering this experience relies on getting access to a stable, robust internet connection. We will provide the Ethernet cable for you to plug into your home router, but we will not be responsible for troubleshooting your connection. If your router is unable to provide a connection, we don't want this to impact the rest of the party and will remove the charge from the invoice. However, if after we have setup the equipment and are unable to keep a stable connection, we reserve the right to charge for the add-on even if we continue the party without the online game experience.

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