How much space is necessary?

GameTrucks are about 50 feet long and fit in front of most residential locations. If you are worried about space consult with our party planners and they can provide some easy solutions.

How much do parties cost?

Party costs vary from location to location. To calculate your price, enter your zip code in our Get Local Pricing bar, or call us at 888-602-4263. Our service is extremely competitive and usually the most affordable option. We work hard to deliver a premium experience at a value price.

How many people fit inside?

There are several different models but each theater is designed to accommodate 16-20 gamers at once. Our GameCoaches ensure that everyone gets equal playing time if not everyone can play at once. For the best experience, we encourage parties not to exceed 20.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy varies by location. Please contact us at 888-602-4263 for the policy in your area.

Is there an age limit?

That is the beauty of GameTruck - it appeals to people of all ages. When planning a party for kids, we find that this experience is better for kids that can read and follow directions, which generally starts around the age of six.

What games are available?

Each GameTruck theater comes with a library of games that we are constantly updating. On average we offer a selection of several dozen games with ratings ranging from E to M. We only focus on multiplayer games for X-Box 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. If a game can be system linked for multiplayer fun we will typically carry 2-4 copies of that game.

What about hot or cold climates? Bad weather?

GameTruck mobile video game theaters were designed for all weather conditions. Each GameTruck theater is insulated and climate controlled. It is designed for both Southwest Summers, and Midwest Winters. We are able to conduct parties any time of the year, and with the most experience in the industry, we know how to have fun in any weather condition.

Do parents have to supervise?

Parents are always welcome inside, but one of the great advantages of a GameTruck party is that the GameCoach manages the entire event. Parents are free to relax inside the house or visit with friends while the gamers play inside the truck. We do however require that one responsible adult remain on site for the duration of the event.

Do you need to plug into the house?

No. The GameTruck mobile gaming theater is completely self-powered. We bring everything gamers need to have a great party.

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