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 On-Site Field Trips with GameTruck


Use your time effectively by having GameTruck come on-campus. On-site field trips take the hassle out of organizing chaperones and chartering buses, letting you spend more time helping your students learn.

Cost Effective

Save money while still letting students learn outside of their classroom. Our education programs can be more cost effective than traditional off-site field trips with sessions ranging from $10 to $15 per student


Combine fun and learning to engage students with our grade-specific programs. Through a partnership with education professionals, we established a menu of programs built around the Common Core State Standards Initiative.



Education for all ages

Spark the imaginations of your students and inspire an interest in STEM topics by utilizing GameTruck's grade-specific programs and our mobile theater. 

Designed to complement a progressive teaching style, our programs can help turn information into knowledge and bring your lessons to life. Our trained staff make it fun to learn using cutting-edge techniques and programs aligned with the Common Core State Standards Initiative. 

Experience a dynamic and interactive on-site field trip with GameTruck. You can educate and engage your students through a medium they're comfortable with, often times at a lower cost than the traditional off-site field trip.

Steve Prahcharov

I saw passion, enthusiasm, and a great desire to have more of these lessons from our students who all gave positive feedback. The program was insightful… and showed our students the potential opportunities within the employment gaming community. Thank you for allowing our students to enjoy this experience!


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