Event Planning Tips

At GameTruck, our goal is to energize your team and help them bring that enthusiasm back to the office.

To help create a positive experience we advise adopting some of our party planning tips.

Book ahead

Call or book online 4-6 weeks before your event to ensure the time and day you want is available.

Get an accurate head count

Most GameTrucks can hold between 16 and 20 players at a time. If your event will involve more people, consider using a schedule to manage who is in the truck.

Know why you're having the GameTruck

Is it an incentive, a reward for a job well done, or for team building exercises? Why you're hosting the event can affect when you should book the GameTruck and what type of activities we can do.

Group Events

GameTruck is able to host a variety of corporate and large scale events. We'd like to help plan yours.

Talk to a local operator

Call (866)253-3191

Consider when to host

Be sure of what day and what time you want to host your event. Prices may fluctuate based on whether the meeting is during the week or weekend and at what time.

Branch out

GameTruck has more than just video games. Laser tag brings the videogame experience outside. Consider trying something more than just games.

Utilize GameTruck's resources

When you book a party with GameTruck you gain access to PartyLink.

Make sure there is space

A GameTruck can fit most places a moving truck can, just make sure there is parking space available.

Anticipate our arrival

GameTruck will call you when we're on our way, be prepared to meet with us before the party to go over the truck and the games.


GameCoaches host the party for you, and because GameTruck is self-contained there's no clean up either. Enjoy the party!

Tell us how it went

GameTruck is always trying to improve your experience. Review us on Yelp or Facebook. We want to know if your party was a success!

At GameTruck, we want to bring a positive video gaming experience to you. We are here to help you learn to use games as a way to socialize your team and help them practice working together. Video games aren't just for kids; adults in a business setting can gain knowledge and develop team building skills from playing together.

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