Gameplex Video Game Parties

Gameplex reinvents the video game party! Gameplex delivers:

  • Convenience - Game coaches take away the hassle and make it easy to play
  • Flexibility - Goes virtually anywhere
  • Involvement - Everyone plays.

With plug and play setup managed by our professional game coaches, Gameplex is the party solution that ventures where no truck has gone before including apartments, conference rooms, clubhouses, virtually anywhere people gather. Gameplex is the video game party that goes where you want, when you want, with the people you care about most.

Do you want the ultimate Fortnite party? Ready for the ultimate video game challenge? Want a party that is all about creativity? Take a look at our unique experiences that take your party to a whole new level!

Gameplex: Freestyle

Gameplex Freestyle Party

The newest gaming experience is here to provide endless amounts of fun at your convenience. Gameplex Freestyle allows you the freedom to play what you want with who you want!

It's the GameTruck experience without the truck - Gameplex Freestyle goes wherever you are hosting your event. From a small house party to a large event venue, you name it and we are there! The best part is guests are able to pair off or team up for the ultimate gaming experience. Our professional GameCoaches take full control of equipment setup and party hosting to create an exciting gaming atmosphere focused on inclusion and fun.

Parents, don’t forget to cheer on your gamers as they go toe-to-toe for the championship title, or jump in and see how you do! Gameplex Freestyle can host up to 16 simultaneous players. While players are engaged in an exciting Mario Kart or Gran Turismo race while others are having the battle of a lifetime with Super Smash Bros or Call of Duty. Other guests might team up in a Fortnite battle that leads to a victory dance. With Freestyle, the gaming possibilities are never ending. Gameplex Freestyle is a stress-free service, where we bring all the consoles, games, and expert staff - the ingredients needed for an epic video game celebration!

Gameplex: Battle Royale

Gameplex Battle Royale Fortnite Party

Let the greatest battle begin! Round up your friends and get ready for the most epic video game battle that can be experienced virtually anywhere!

Level up your celebration with Gameplex Battle Royale. Invite all your friends to build the ultimate dream team and battle your way to the top. Professional GameCoaches will handle the setup and hosting to setup the ultimate gaming battlefield for your competitors. Your friends can battle for the win in Fortnite and other popular battle royale titles for a chance to be the last team standing.

Gameplex Battle Royale bring people together to work, help, and encourage one another in a one-of-a-kind bonding experience. Discover new gaming skills and show off your tricks on your favorite games. Gather your guests and cheer the last man standing on to victory! Gameplex Battle Royale can host up to 16 players, playing together for high levels of engagement and camaraderie. Will you be the next battle royale champion? Play with Gameplex Battle Royale to find out!

Gameplex: Garage

Gameplex Garage LABO Party

It's time to get creative and start building! Gameplex Garage combines Nintendo Labo with epic gaming to create a fun-filled party that let’s kids learn while they create and play. Your kids will experience an engaging and hands-on experience as they craft their very own Labo RC car kit.

Over the course of an hour and a half, the guests get to build, decorate and compete with their customizable Labo RC cars. Gameplex Garage is all about exploring your imagination and putting your creative mind to work. Professional GameCoaches handle equipment setup and event hosting, and also assisting the mechanics (your guests!) with building the RC cars. With Gameplex Garage everyone can invent new styles and looks with markers, stickers, and more to express their imagination.

Once the RC cards are built, everyone will enjoy racing their creations on the coolest self-made racetrack, then taking the RC cars inside the ring for a “sumo” battle. Guests young, or young at heart, will enjoy interacting with their unique creations and can take them home as a memento of the event.. Gameplex Garage will comfortably entertain 8 to 16 guests. Everyone is sure to enjoy this new build-and-play experience!

Gameplex: Arcade Time Machine

Gameplex Arcade Time MAchine Retro Gaming Party

Hop in the time machine and take a ride with us back to when video games brought everyone together in the living room floor, front and center of the TV. Gameplex: Arcade Time Machine brings back some of the most popular retro Nintendo games available to play and enjoy with your loved ones - just like old times!

Create an old-school gaming arcade in your living room, office, or rec center. Professional GameCoaches will handle the set-up and hosting to deliver the ultimate video game party that the kids will enjoy and brings something nostalgic for the parents who want to jump in and play. Invite all your friends over to experience the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video games on a whole new level with many of the classic NES titles including multiplayer game modes.

Rediscover some of your all time favorite games and check out the retro graphics and visuals that have helped to create many of the popular video games we know of today. Arcade Time Machine can host up to 16 players at once. Call all your friends because at this arcade to you can save your quarters. Video games have come a long way since the NES, but fun is timeless!

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