Keep Your Kids Safe with Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

nintendo switch parental controls

The newly released Nintendo Switch gaming console is sure to be the focus of your child’s attention for the next few months. As a parent, it’s always important to keep an eye on what your kid is doing. Thankfully, Nintendo offers a powerful parental controls app to help you do just that, straight from your mobile device.

There are 5 primary settings that you can use to limit your child’s gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch, and keep it safe and responsible. Here’s a brief rundown of each:

What You Can Control

Content Restriction:

This allows profiles to be restricted to specific ESRB ratings and descriptions. This is your way of making sure your child doesn’t play something you think is too mature for them.

Social Media Access:

The Nintendo Switch comes with the built-in ability to export screenshots to your child’s Facebook or Twitter. Disable this setting if you prefer your child to not share their screenshots.

Chat Functionality:

Many multiplayer games allow an option for players to chat with each other online while in a match. As a parent, you may not want your child speaking to strangers of indeterminate age and location though, and this setting allows you to switch that functionality off.

Time Limits:

This function allows for either a “soft” limit that pops up a message notifying your child that they have reached the end of their allotted play time or a “hard” limit that locks off the game entirely. This setting also allows for different days to be set with different time limits.

Purchasing Restrictions:

This setting controls your child’s ability to access the Nintendo Switch’s eShop and spend money within it.

Parental Controls Done Right: Simple, Accessible, Flexible

To engage parental controls, you must download a free app on either Android or IOS that will pair with your child’s Nintendo Switch via a registration code. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the settings menu of your Nintendo Switch.

All current generation gaming consoles contain parental controls and settings, but they can be difficult to find and activate. The Nintendo Switch controls are simple to set up, and easy to access and change on the go with a free app on either Android or IOS.

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