Planning Your Next Boys’ Birthday Party

Boys Birthday Party Ideas

These days, planning a boys’ birthday party can put major stress on mom and dad to curate the perfect day. With a little preliminary planning, however, you can put together a memorable experience for your little man and his friends without any hassle or breaking the bank. If you ever need help putting on boys’ video game parties or another theme, you can always turn to GameTruck for assistance. Here are some of our teams’ top party ideas for boys.

Elevating Entertainment

A boys’ birthday party wouldn’t be complete without a little entertainment. Instead of just going to the local park for a soccer match or renting one of those tired jump-houses, surprise kids with a BubbleSoccer Field. Watch kids’ eyes light up as they get into their Bubbles and have fun running into and bouncing off each other without any of the safety risk. Our GameCoach takes care of:

  • Setup of BubbleSoccer arena at your park your yard
  • Delivery of equipment
  • Managing and refereeing the game
  • Keeping players entertained and having fun

With a GameCoach on the job, parents can kick back and watch.

Scheming With Themes

Picking a theme turns planning boys’ birthday parties into a breeze. If your boy loves Star Wars, for example, you can look to the films to provide inspiration for décor and activities. Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite characters, including parents. Instead of taking the whole crew out, let the entertainment come to you with one of our LaserTag adventures. Players can stay in costume and divide into teams to bring Star Wars to LaserTag life.

Gifting Guide

Take advantage of your theme and incorporate it when giving gift. If you plan to host boys’ video game parties, for example, give your little man one of the games from his big day. Younger birthday boys will also love figurines and action figures from their favorite films, shows, and games. When in doubt, Legos are always a great, low-cost option!

With the right resources, you can plan boys’ video game parties and other activities with ease. Plan your boy’s birthday party today!

LaserTag Brings Gaming to Life

LaserTag Game Modes Add Extra Fun

Put LaserTag parties at the top of your list of outdoor birthday party ideas! At GameTruck, our GameCoaches bring LaserTag adventures directly to you and lead players through creative courses with different themes and objectives. All you need to play is a space the size of a tennis court. Here are five custom modes our gaming gurus have already designed.


Ideal for fierce competitors, the goal of Elimination Mode is to be the last one standing. Starting in random positions, each player gets three lives and tries to out-shoot and out-score the rest. The player who avoids elimination the longest earns total glory.

Green Versus Orange

Green versus Orange Mode is just like Elimination Mode, but with teams. Players are split up and must work together to outlast the opposite team. In this game, stealth and strategy are the keys to victory. This is a great way to inspire camaraderie and teach players the importance of teamwork.


LaserTag parties meet the zombie apocalypse in Infection Mode! One player starts as infected and shoots to spread the infection to others, turning them into zombies. This fast-paced game quickly transforms friends into enemies. Survivors must eliminate all the zombies in order to win!

VIP Protection

VIP Protection mode puts players in charge of keeping one chosen player safe while trying to eliminate the VIP on the opposing team. Players nominate the VIP, who has superior power and damage resistance. Kids work together to strategize offensive and defensive tactics. The team that eliminates the opposing VIP first wins.


Take all the rules away from those outdoor birthday party ideas and make maximum points the objective in Free-For-All Mode. Players are on their own with unlimited lives and simply try to get the highest score possible. This is the perfect way to familiarizes kids with equipment and give them an opportunity to practice before trying more competitive modes.

If you are trying to choose your next bash from a list of outdoor birthday party ideas, look no further than our LaserTag parties to bring the fun.

Couch Co-op Games of 2016 – Top 5

In a world of online multi-player games where participants are spread out across vast distances, the classic couch co-op experience is becoming a warm way to build community. When kids game together in the same location for the same purpose, their interest is heightened as they work in their tribe to accomplish objectives. We make this blast from the past possible with our GameTruck so parents do not have to continue to buy new gaming systems and accessories. Here are the top five games for boys’ birthday parties in the GameTruck trailer in 2016.

#1 Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Bros - Couch Co-op

It debuted as a smash hit on the Nintendo-64, and it has only gotten bigger and better since then. Super Smash Brothers is always a popular option at boys’ birthday parties. This couch co-op lets kids game together as their favorite heroes from various Nintendo games, including:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Donkey Kong
  • Pikachu
  • Princess Peach
  • Captain Falcon
  • Link

Players can choose to square off free-for-all style or team up to take on the computer and each other. 

#2 Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 - Couch Co-op

Before it was a handheld game, it was another beloved couch co-op on the Nintendo-64. Now, Mario Kart has reached its eighth and most exciting installment. Players choose their favorite Super Mario characters and race through various courses and obstacles to beat the pack. They can also play on Battle Mode, where they eliminate each other one by one until only the victor remains. At boys’ birthday parties, Mario Kart 8 ups the ante by letting players drive upside-down and on walls to get around opponents. Be sure to look for those sneaky shortcuts! 

#3 Minecraft

Minecraft - Couch Co-op

Perfect for younger players or those who want a less-competitive couch co-op experience, Minecraft encourages kids to use spatial reasoning to build, place blocks, and go on exploratory adventures. Players game together in activities like resource gathering, combat, and crafting in different modes such as:

  • Survival: Get resources to build a world and maintain health
  • Creative: Use unlimited resources and the ability to fly to build worlds
  • Adventure: Explore custom maps made by other players
  • Spectator: Fly and move through blocks without creating or destroying anything

 Players who want a real challenge can try their hand at Hardcore Mode, which is like Survival Mode but on the most difficult setting and with permanent game consequences.

#4 Madden NFL

Madden NFL 16 - Couch Co-op

No football-themed boys’ birthday parties would be complete without a romp with Madden NFL. Named after Pro Football Hall of Famer John Madden, this couch co-op gets closer to the real deal all the time with updates made every year. Kids can game together as their favorite quarterbacks, wide receivers, defensive units, and more in this immersive experience. They can play on the same team, go against each other as opponents, or simply practice their skills. Professional player avatars include Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham Jr., Von Miller, and Aaron Rodgers among many others.


FIFA 16 - Couch Co-op

When boys want to game together in a virtual soccer match, FIFA provides the perfect solution. Players can choose from professional footy stars like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thiago Silva, and Wayne Rooney to run, kick, pass, and block their way to victory. Game features range from penalties and corner kicks to attacking techniques and shootouts. It’s just like a real soccer match, but in virtual reality. FIFA is appropriate for soccer enthusiasts of all ages.

Book a party today and experience the excitement of couch co-op!

These are just some of the most popular games in our GameTruck trailer, but are far from the only adventures available. When you need to plan fun, memorable, and low-maintenance activities for your next boys’ birthday parties, let guests game together and build camaraderie with a modernized couch co-op experience.

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