GameTruck@HOME™ featuring Nintendo Switch

GameTruck@HOME featuring Nintendo Switch is the perfect accent to your next celebration!

The setup is easy! We bring all the Nintendo Switch systems and games you need to have an amazing celebration! You also get to control the who, what, where elements of the celebration and your kids will have a blast playing together!

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Three reasons why GameTruck@HOME featuring Nintendo Switch is amazing


It's very easy!

We handle everything, you just watch the magic happen!


It's custom!

Celebrate in your backyard, living room, garage, or anywhere you’d like with or without a GameCoach! Celebrate on your terms.


Your kids will LOVE it!

There is nothing better than watching your kids having the time of their lives.

Here is what you can expect with GameTruck@HOME featuring Nintendo Switch:

We load this bundle with up to ten Nintendo Switch systems. All delivered to you and ready to play out of the box!

A large collection of GAMES! We pack each Nintendo Switch system with games including: Mario Kart™ 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing™: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Party™, Super Smash Bros. ™ Ultimate, Pokémon™ Sword, Pokémon™ Shield, and so much more!

An Amazing Party Experience. GameTruck is the industry leader in video game parties and we know how to deliver an awesome party experience. Our team will make the event memorable for you and your guests.

Once the celebration begins, your guests will be flying, running, jumping, and having a blast playing their favorite games on the Nintendo Switch system.

How Does GameTruck@HOME Work?

You can customize the party any way you would like! Our team takes care of any of your needs.

Here is how the delivery process works:

  1. Book Online or Call. Get started by booking your event online. Select the date and time to schedule, then click Book Now. Or just give us a call!
  2. Customize the experience. Take control and set up the perfect celebration. You tell us what kind of gaming experience you want, and we make it happen.
  3. Enjoy the celebration. When celebration day comes, you can sit back and enjoy as our team delivers excitement. No stress, no fuss!

Your guests can play together in-person, in a physically distanced space. We will provide a phone number for technical support from one of our expert GameCoaches during your rental period if you need some help as well as an online help page.

Our team makes everything simple. From the booking process to the celebration our team is committed to delivering an amazing experience!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your GameTruck@HOME celebration today!

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