Nintendo Switch: Good News for Parents?

Nintendo switch for parents GameTruck Memphis

Ever since the Nintendo Switch launched last month, the hot new console has been flying off of shelves and is in high demand everywhere. It’s clear that Nintendo’s latest console is a great success, but it isn’t just gamers that are excited, parents are too! This month we take a look at why the Nintendo Switch is exciting for the whole family.

Fun for All Ages

The Nintendo Switch caters to kids and adults of all ages, allowing a broad range of different age groups to play the console. The control schemes are easy enough for beginners to understand but sophisticated enough to offer precise gameplay. Each Joy-Con splits into two controllers, allowing your kids to play multiplayer games right out of the box, without buying extra accessories.

Multiple Functionality

Many of these functions are great for busy families, offering a number of age-appropriate games anywhere, whether on the road or the couch. The unit switches from a portable device to a TV home console. Nintendo’s newest console offers numerous family-friendly titles that are sure to get everyone in the family fired up.

Parental Controls and Family Friendly Games

In a surprising turn of events, the Nintendo Switch’s unexpected “killer app” isn’t a game at all, but the system’s customizable parental controls. Never before has a system given parents this much control over what their kids can or can’t do with the console. The Nintendo Switch features a specialized system that keeps your kids safely in the “family friendly” zone.

Parents will be able to use a free app for smart devices to control:
What games they can play
How long they can play
When they can play
What they can share on social networks

Parents can also set up restrictions on the Nintendo eShop to prevent kids from making unauthorized purchases. Parents can stay in the know with a monthly report that shows what games their children are playing the most.

Experience the Nintendo Switch in Memphis

Now that the Nintendo Switch has hit the shelves, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added several of these new consoles to our ever-growing collection. If you’d like to experience what the Nintendo Switch has to offer, book your own GameTruck party today! For more information or to receive a quote, give us a call at (888) 602-4263!