Planning a School Fundraiser or Event? Choose GameTruck Savannah

School events get a bad rap for being stuffy and boring– but they don’t have to be! With GameTruck Savannah, your next school fundraiser or group event can be just as fun as any video game or laser tag party. GameTruck Savannah is a flexible option to make your next school event stand out and leave your students buzzing for weeks to come.

GameTruck Savannah for School Events

When you hire GameTruck Savannah for your next fundraiser, awards ceremony, or school celebration, we guarantee your students will love what we have in store. Our GameTruck trailers arrive fully stocked with the newest and coolest gaming consoles and video game titles on the market. Our trailers can hold up to 24 players at a time for an unforgettable mobile gaming experience the whole classroom can enjoy.

gametruck powered lasertagGameTruck Powered LaserTag

In addition to our mobile entertainment theater, we proudly offer GameTruck powered LaserTag. We’ll turn your school’s playground, bus loop, or courtyard into a raging battlefield for kids and grownups alike. Whether you want to reward your students for good grades or celebrate the end of the school year with school faculty, GameTruck Savannah has what it takes to execute the perfect school event, no matter the size of your student body or budget.

How We Can Help

No event is too big or too small for GameTruck Savannah! Our mobile entertainment theaters are the perfect addition to any school event, including but not limited to:

  • End-of-year Celebrations
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Faculty Parties
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Reading Awards
  • Achievement Awards
  • School Fundraisers
  • Sports Events
  • School Carnivals
  • Economics Day
  • School Dances
  • Homecoming and Prom
  • Seasonal Events
  • And more

gametruck savannah video game partiesMaximum Capacity for Fun

Our GameTruck trailers can hold up to 24 players for simultaneous action! For maximum fun at your next school event, we suggest rotating players in and out in groups or divided by grades, allowing students to engage in a game of outdoor LaserTag until they’re up again. This way, the fun doesn’t stop, and everyone gets a chance to sample the latest and greatest games we have to offer.

We’ve hosted parties as large as 100+ people! No matter the size of your school or event, GameTruck Savannah’s got you covered.

Handicapped Accessible

At GameTruck Savannah, our trailers are handicapped accessible and come equipped with wheelchair ramps so that all students can participate in your event.

Keeping School Cool: GameTruck Savannah

Ready to book GameTruck Savannah for your next school event? Give us a call to set a time and place. We are a first-come-first-serve service, so the sooner you call, the abler we are to accommodate you.

Regarding how long you can book our GameTruck trailers, we offer a full range of party packages and times to accommodate your event. Whether you need us for half a day, a full school day, or separate days, we can help. How long you book us is dependent on your school’s budget, though we do require a two-hour minimum for our video game parties.

For booking information, give us a call today at (866)253-3191 to learn more about our party packages and group event details.

3rd Annual Josh Reddick Foundation Charity Concert with GameTruck Savannah

This year, GameTruck Savannah is proud to announce we’ll be attending the 3rd Annual Josh Reddick Foundation Charity Concert! The Reddick Foundation’s mission is to look to the needs of the youth of Effingham County by maintaining and refurbishing the parks of Effingham County, and their annual Charity Concert is their way of raising money.

The Josh Reddick Foundation is committed to giving back to the community, and here at GameTruck Savannah so are we. Charity and raising money for worthy causes is central to the GameTruck family and culture, and to that end, one of our GameTrucks will be stationed at the event.

Ain’t No Party Like a GameTruck Party

While they’re at the Charity Concert, those attending will be able to enter our GameTruck and play any game from our expansive and exhaustive library. GameTruck is the leader in event entertainment, and the Reddick Charity Concert is our chance to give back.

We encourage everyone in the Effingham County area to attend the 3rd Annual Josh Reddick Foundation Charity Concert. We know you’ll enjoy it, and if you do make it, make sure to stop by our GameTruck and say hello

GameTruck Savannah

You don’t have to throw a charity event to bring all of the fun of GameTruck to your party. To RSVP, visit our event page on Facebook for details. Call us here at GameTruck Savannah at (866)253-3191 to book your own GameTruck party today!

GameTruck for School Events and Fundraising

Planning for school events and student fundraising opportunities can be a challenge. It’s hard to think of a way to keep young minds focused and entertained for long periods of time. Even worse, finding people willing to watch over the event can be a chore in and of itself.

Not sure where to start? Let us be your solution to a successful school event or fundraiser. At GameTruck Savannah, our team of expert GameCoaches is here to make your next school event one to remember.

School Fundraisers

GameTruck can help you raise money for after school events and extracurricular activities.

Student clubs and activities require funds that most schools don’t have. School districts across the country are slashing budgets down to the bare minimum. Unfortunately, these restrictions leave little to no room for things that fall outside of “hardcore” academics.

Art and athletic programs suffer as many districts view them as “unnecessary,” forcing schools to find alternate methods of funding. For many schools, field trips are out of the question.

That can all change when GameTruck rolls up to your school. A GameTruck Video Game and LaserTag Party will raise your students’ energy levels and morale while building a sense of community and teamwork. As a group, students and parents can come together to support these activities and fundraising endeavors, all while having a great time.

Academic Achievements

The fun doesn’t stop at fundraising. GameTruck Video Game and Laser Tag Parties are a great way to reward your students for excellent academic achievements.

Did your students score well on standardized tests? Raise your school’s grade to an ‘A’? Recognize these grades as the academic achievements that they are! Reward the students for their hard work.

Choose from dozens of new and classic video game titles, gaming consoles, and develop strong team-building skills with GameTruck! Students will strive to make the grade knowing that there’s a GameTruck Video Game Party on the horizon. Not only will your class have some grade-A fun, boosting student morale will have you seeing higher scores in no time.

Athletic Achievements

Did your school’s football team win the league championship? Athletic achievements are a vital part of the school year experience. Recognize and reward their victory with a GameTruck Video Game and Laser Tag Party!
Or, if the team lost, a party might help take some of the sting out of defeat and rebuild the team’s confidence. We guarantee your team will love what we have in store!

Great for group events, GameTruck will bring the fun right to your playing field. Celebrate their hard-earned victory or get them pumped for next year’s championship with our wide selection of age-appropriate video game titles, top-tier gaming consoles, and outdoor laser tag arena.

Build Community

We’re committed to bringing your students a great time. No matter what the occasion, you can believe that your students will enjoy themselves.
Let GameTruck take care of everything. We specialize in no-hassle party experiences. We’ll create a memorable party experience that your kids will be talking about for weeks.

We’re ready to make your next school event or fundraising opportunity unforgettable. To learn more about GameTruck Savannah and what our expert GameCoaches can do to make your next school event a success, give us a call today at (866)253-3191 or email us at

For a head start on the booking process, request a party with GameTruck Savannah here.