GameTruck Vs. Other Mobile Entertainment Theaters

Why Choose GameTruck?

Are you planning a birthday party or group event? Imagine having access to dozens of the hottest video games and newest gaming consoles on the market from the comfort of your home. At GameTruck Jacksonville, we bring a whole new meaning to the word “party” with our Mobile Video Game Parties and GameTruck Powered LaserTag.

From our expert GameCoaches to our library of classic and modern video game titles, GameTruck Jacksonville offers a unique and engaging mobile gaming experience that is unmatched by local competitors.

Sit Back and Let us Plan Your Party

gametruck jacksonvillePlanning a birthday party or group activity can be a challenge. Between creating a guest list, sending out invitations, buying supplies, to supervising and executing the event, hosting a special event can be tough for parents to manage on their own. At GameTruck Jacksonville, we are here to help you plan the perfect video game party.

No need to go out and buy party invitations! We provide you with digital and downloadable invitations that you can personalize and send to your guests. Our experienced party planners will help you organize your event to accommodate your location number of guests and any special needs that you have. The best part? From setup to cleanup we take care of everything, so you can enjoy all that our mobile entertainment theater has to offer.

Professional GameCoaches

When you choose GameTruck Jacksonville, we pair you with one of our certified GameCoaches to make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Your GameCoach is there to direct, oversee and entertain your guests, so there is never a dull moment!

Are you not video game savvy? Our GameCoaches are certified and experienced with all of our gaming systems including Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii-U and Sony Virtual Reality. If your guests experience any problems, our GameCoaches are there to help.

Sony Virtual Reality

Did you know that GameTruck Jacksonville carries Sony Virtual Reality headsets to complement our Playstation 4 systems? Immerse your guests into another world with this virtual reality system! This headset allows the player to step into the video game and play in real-time! Kids and adults can enjoy the future of virtual gaming with The Sony Virtual Reality mask.

Sometimes, technology fails. With GameTruck Jacksonville, we have you covered. We always have a backup generator on our trucks to ensure your party will go just as planned even if there is a power outage.

gametruck jacksonvilleGameTruck: Jacksonville’s Largest Mobile Entertainment Theater

If you are the parent of a self-proclaimed gamer, consider choosing GameTruck Jacksonville for your child’s next birthday party or school event.

At GameTruck Jacksonville, we offer an extensive variety of age-appropriate game titles so your kids can have a blast and you don’t have to worry about keeping them safe. Our location is the largest mobile entertainment theater in the Jacksonville area and proudly serves Duval County and the surrounding areas.

Take Gaming to the Next Level with GameTruck Jacksonville

Let us create a memorable gaming experience that your kids and their friends will be talking about for weeks. Request a party from our website or call us today to learn more about our affordable prices and excellent service. For more information on GameTruck Jacksonville, call at (904) 900-0880!

GameTruck Powered LaserTag in Chicago

gametruck powered lasertag in chicagoAt GameTruck Chicago, we’re more than just your average mobile video game party bus. We’re proud to offer our clients a unique and engaging way to get up and get active for any occasion, all from the comfort of your backyard!

Whether you’re planning a kids’ birthday party, school fundraiser, or corporate event for grownups, our expert GameCoaches know what it takes to make your next special event one to remember.

How you ask? We have the solution you’re looking for: GameTruck Powered LaserTag.

What Can I Expect from GameTruck Powered LaserTag?

Planning an outdoor laser tag party is easy with GameTruck Chicago. When you hire us for video game parties or just want to try out a new activity, GameTruck Powered LaserTag will turn your property into a custom battlefield for you and 11 of your guests.

Our GameCoaches will provide everything you need for outdoor laser tag, including our state-of-the-art equipment and technology that will turn any yard, playground, or park into a custom laser tag arena all of your guests can enjoy.

Parents, Rejoice!

With GameTruck Chicago, we’ll take care of all the party planning, so you don’t have to. As for the party host? Just sit back, relax, or join in on the fun, too!

As your professional GameTruck party planners, we want you to have as much fun as possible. From loading and unloading gear to setting up your outdoor arena, you never have to lift a finger when we roll up to your front door.

Parents, this goes for you, too. Our equipment is easy to assemble and clean up—and don’t worry, we’ll take everything with us when we leave!

gametruck powered lasertag in chicagoNot Your Average Laser Tag Arena

It’s 2017. Laser tag is no longer confined to a dark room. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment allow us to transform any space into a battleground. This means no more hauling guests to and from your local neighborhood laser tag arena. We bring the party to you!

As part of our commitment to exceptional service, our GameCoaches are fully trained to make your party as safe and stress-free as it is unforgettable. Not a dull moment goes by with GameTruck Chicago. Our GameCoaches will referee the game so that everyone is playing fair and having as much fun as possible.

The More the Merrier

Don’t go at it alone! GameTruck Powered LaserTag is a tactical simulation for up to 11 players. When we set up your outdoor laser tag arena, every tree, shrub, and bench take on new life. Every field is unique, every adventure special. Split everyone into groups for team-based mission adventures or unleash a chaotic free-for-all!

The best part? GameTruck Chicago offers different games to match individual play styles. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or playing for the first time, everyone on the field is guaranteed to have a blast.

Choose Us for Your Next Special Event

GameTruck Powered LaserTag is perfect for functions, big and small. Book us for birthday parties, school events, graduation parties, community events, you name it! GameTruck Powered LaserTag will create lasting memories that you and your friends will buzz about for weeks to come.

Part On with GameTruck Chicago

GameTruck Chicago delivers unique and engaging entertainment that you and your guests will love. With our commitment to maintenance and reliability, including making sure all of our trailers have backup generators, along with our experienced GameCoaches, you can be confident that all of your guests will have an unforgettable experience.

For residents of Chicago, Naperville, Wilmette, and the surrounding areas, GameTruck Powered LaserTag is the perfect add-on to any special event. Request a party with us today when you contact us at 312-724-7188, or click here to learn more.

Planning a School Fundraiser or Event? Choose GameTruck Savannah

School events get a bad rap for being stuffy and boring– but they don’t have to be! With GameTruck Savannah, your next school fundraiser or group event can be just as fun as any video game or laser tag party. GameTruck Savannah is a flexible option to make your next school event stand out and leave your students buzzing for weeks to come.

GameTruck Savannah for School Events

When you hire GameTruck Savannah for your next fundraiser, awards ceremony, or school celebration, we guarantee your students will love what we have in store. Our GameTruck trailers arrive fully stocked with the newest and coolest gaming consoles and video game titles on the market. Our trailers can hold up to 24 players at a time for an unforgettable mobile gaming experience the whole classroom can enjoy.

gametruck powered lasertagGameTruck Powered LaserTag

In addition to our mobile entertainment theater, we proudly offer GameTruck powered LaserTag. We’ll turn your school’s playground, bus loop, or courtyard into a raging battlefield for kids and grownups alike. Whether you want to reward your students for good grades or celebrate the end of the school year with school faculty, GameTruck Savannah has what it takes to execute the perfect school event, no matter the size of your student body or budget.

How We Can Help

No event is too big or too small for GameTruck Savannah! Our mobile entertainment theaters are the perfect addition to any school event, including but not limited to:

  • End-of-year Celebrations
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Faculty Parties
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Reading Awards
  • Achievement Awards
  • School Fundraisers
  • Sports Events
  • School Carnivals
  • Economics Day
  • School Dances
  • Homecoming and Prom
  • Seasonal Events
  • And more

gametruck savannah video game partiesMaximum Capacity for Fun

Our GameTruck trailers can hold up to 24 players for simultaneous action! For maximum fun at your next school event, we suggest rotating players in and out in groups or divided by grades, allowing students to engage in a game of outdoor LaserTag until they’re up again. This way, the fun doesn’t stop, and everyone gets a chance to sample the latest and greatest games we have to offer.

We’ve hosted parties as large as 100+ people! No matter the size of your school or event, GameTruck Savannah’s got you covered.

Handicapped Accessible

At GameTruck Savannah, our trailers are handicapped accessible and come equipped with wheelchair ramps so that all students can participate in your event.

Keeping School Cool: GameTruck Savannah

Ready to book GameTruck Savannah for your next school event? Give us a call to set a time and place. We are a first-come-first-serve service, so the sooner you call, the abler we are to accommodate you.

Regarding how long you can book our GameTruck trailers, we offer a full range of party packages and times to accommodate your event. Whether you need us for half a day, a full school day, or separate days, we can help. How long you book us is dependent on your school’s budget, though we do require a two-hour minimum for our video game parties.

For booking information, give us a call today at (912) 877-6555 to learn more about our party packages and group event details.