Nintendo Switch: Good News for Parents?

Ever since the Nintendo Switch launched last month, the hot new console has been flying off of shelves and is in high demand everywhere. It’s clear that Nintendo’s latest console is a great success, but it isn’t just gamers that are excited, parents are too! This month we take a look at why the Nintendo Switch is exciting for the whole family.

Fun for All Ages

The Nintendo Switch caters to kids and adults of all ages, allowing a broad range of different age groups to play the console. The control schemes are easy enough for beginners to understand but sophisticated enough to offer precise gameplay. Each Joy-Con splits into two controllers, allowing your kids to play multiplayer games right out of the box, without buying extra accessories.

Multiple Functionality

Many of these functions are great for busy families, offering a number of age-appropriate games anywhere, whether on the road or the couch. The unit switches from a portable device to a TV home console. Nintendo’s newest console offers numerous family-friendly titles that are sure to get everyone in the family fired up.

Parental Controls and Family Friendly Games

In a surprising turn of events, the Nintendo Switch’s unexpected “killer app” isn’t a game at all, but the system’s customizable parental controls. Never before has a system given parents this much control over what their kids can or can’t do with the console. The Nintendo Switch features a specialized system that keeps your kids safely in the “family friendly” zone.

Parents will be able to use a free app for smart devices to control:
What games they can play
How long they can play
When they can play
What they can share on social networks

Parents can also set up restrictions on the Nintendo eShop to prevent kids from making unauthorized purchases. Parents can stay in the know with a monthly report that shows what games their children are playing the most.

Experience the Nintendo Switch in Memphis

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Keep Your Kids Safe with Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

The newly released Nintendo Switch gaming console is sure to be the focus of your child’s attention for the next few months. As a parent, it’s always important to keep an eye on what your kid is doing. Thankfully, Nintendo offers a powerful parental controls app to help you do just that, straight from your mobile device.

There are 5 primary settings that you can use to limit your child’s gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch, and keep it safe and responsible. Here’s a brief rundown of each:

What You Can Control

Content Restriction:

This allows profiles to be restricted to specific ESRB ratings and descriptions. This is your way of making sure your child doesn’t play something you think is too mature for them.

Social Media Access:

The Nintendo Switch comes with the built-in ability to export screenshots to your child’s Facebook or Twitter. Disable this setting if you prefer your child to not share their screenshots.

Chat Functionality:

Many multiplayer games allow an option for players to chat with each other online while in a match. As a parent, you may not want your child speaking to strangers of indeterminate age and location though, and this setting allows you to switch that functionality off.

Time Limits:

This function allows for either a “soft” limit that pops up a message notifying your child that they have reached the end of their allotted play time or a “hard” limit that locks off the game entirely. This setting also allows for different days to be set with different time limits.

Purchasing Restrictions:

This setting controls your child’s ability to access the Nintendo Switch’s eShop and spend money within it.

Parental Controls Done Right: Simple, Accessible, Flexible

To engage parental controls, you must download a free app on either Android or IOS that will pair with your child’s Nintendo Switch via a registration code. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in the settings menu of your Nintendo Switch.

All current generation gaming consoles contain parental controls and settings, but they can be difficult to find and activate. The Nintendo Switch controls are simple to set up, and easy to access and change on the go with a free app on either Android or IOS.

Experience the Nintendo Switch: Host a GameTruck Party

The newly released Nintendo Switch is all about social gaming- it’s multi-player capability and interactive games make it the perfect activity to enjoy with family, friends, and classmates. GameTruck is excited to announce that we have multiple Nintendo Switch consoles available for your next birthday party, school event or family celebration!

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3 Reasons GameTruck is Perfect for Graduation Parties

It’s April and summer is right around the corner. In a few short weeks, millions of students will cross the stage with a diploma in hand. It’s time to start planning your grad’s celebration to reward the years of hard work that it took to get to that stage.

If you’re tired of “traditional” graduation parties and want a unique way to congratulate your loved one, we’re here to help. This month, we’ll take a look at why GameTruck is perfect for your upcoming graduation party.

GameTruck: Not Just for Kids

There is a long-standing stereotype that video games have no place in adult life. Thanks to this stigma, it may seem strange to suggest throwing a game party for a new graduate, ready to face the world. The truth is that adults enjoy games as much as kids and make up a significant portion of the gaming community.

Graduation is a great excuse to let loose with a large group of friends over a game of Call of Duty or Splatoon. Whether you want some cooperative play or a massive free for all, GameTruck video game graduation parties are the way to go.

Fun for Graduates of All Ages

Whether your loved one is graduating from elementary school, middle school, high school, or college, GameTruck is the perfect party idea. We have something for everyone: kids love our games and LaserTag system while parents love our stress-free party planning.

Adult gamers can appreciate our attention to the newest games and systems. Our trucks feature rows of HD flat-screen TVs connected to the latest consoles, while our game library boasts the hottest games and is sure to give gamers of all ages an astounding time.

Stress-Free Graduation Parties

The semester has been stressful enough, don’t add extra stress to party planning. We specialize in a no-hassle, fun-only party experience that’s as much fun for the host as it is for the guests.

You handle the guest list, and we’ll handle the rest. Our expert GameCoaches will take care of everything so that you can enjoy your grad’s special day.

Video Game Parties in Atlanta, GA

If you’re trying to throw a truly unique graduation party, you can’t go wrong with GameTruck. We’ll create a memorable party experience that your friends and loved ones will be talking about for weeks to come. For more information or to receive a quote, give us a call at (770) 755-5100!