GameTruck’s Favorite Nintendo eShop Downloads for April 13, 2017

Nintendo has quite a few games available for download on their eShop this week for their various gaming consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Check out our picks of faves below and also head over to the Nintendo website to find more deals and sales.

For Nintendo Switch

Mr. Shifty – Shift through bullets, and master lightning-fast takedowns in a new kind of action game from tinyBuild and Team Shifty. The Mr. Shifty game follows a teleportation-fueled heist to break into the world’s most secure facility – players will use distraction and trickery, and explore what’s possible when stealth and action become one.

For Nintendo 3DS

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe – As part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the adorable Kirby franchise, this free-to-start game features four Kirby characters with different powers: Sword Hero, Hammer Lord, Beam Mage and Doctor Healmore. Grab three friends and see if you can defeat all the giant enemies!**

Hack of the Week for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hack of the Week

Playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Here some tips to make your journey through Hyrule a little easier.


  1. Sell your gems.
  2. Cook and Sell Food (some sell for 490 rupee a skewer).
  3. Kill Guardians!  It takes some skill but the rewards are worthwhile.
  4. Use Your Amiibo for fun surprises.
  5. Gamble in Lurlin Village.


  1. Learning to jump and stop time to fire an arrow is a core mechanic. I defeated Vah Ruta, the Elephant Divine Beast, without knowing how to do that.  It makes many battles a lot easier.
  2. You can drop bombs when using the parasail, like your own personal airstrike. I love that.
  3. You can use your shield to deflect shots right back at enemies, kinda like hitting a baseball back at a pitcher.
  4. You can cut off the legs of guardians if you have a strong enough weapon.
  5. Elemental weapons (fire, ice) offset environmental effects like cold and heat.  You can even use fire weapons to melt giant ice formations in the mountains.

Bonus Tip: If you go to the main screen and select your profile you can see how many hours you have played Zelda. As of the time of this writing I am at 52 hours… No judgment!

What are your favorite The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hacks?

10 Ways to Rock Your DIY Minecraft Party

You, too, can take on a DIY Minecraft Party. We’ve culled Instagram for 10 of the most amazing DIY Minecraft Party crafts and found tutorials to match the awesome! Start today and your child’s Minecraft Party will be legendary!

William 7th Birthday!! Happy Birthday Boy!! #minecraftthemes

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Try using these DIY Minecraft Printable Cubes to spell out your birthday gamer’s name.

Get a similar look with this DIY Minecraft Creeper Wall Art.

Mine craft Cookies. #bressweettreats #sugarcookies #royalicing #tnt #minecraftbirthdays

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These DIY Minecraft sugar cookies will blow your mind!

Mine craft Sword Cake. #bressweettreats #minecraftbirthdays #birthdaycakes

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Try a DIY Minecraft pull-apart cupcake cake! This looks like so much fun to eat!

Michael’s 7th birthday!! #minecraft #minecraftbirthday #minecraftparty #creeper #birthdayparty

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Try a This DIY Minecraft Balloon Wall will make your party POP!

Try a This DIY Minecraft Block cake is a lot easier than the one pictured.!

Mel shares just how she made her DIY Minecraft Grass Block cake and it looks deliciously simple!

Check out this DIY Minecraft Creeper Toss game!

Check this out if you need easy DIY Minecraft Snacks for your party!

This is the best DIY Tic Tac Toe tutorial we’ve found. It’s for Valentine’s Day, but with a few adjustments, it could be a great Minecraft game.